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Repairs and Cleaning

We don't just carve beautiful new memorials, we restore old ones so they look beautiful again!

We guarantee all our granite products to hold up against the elements for centuries, but Mother Nature does have her way with all memorials. Over time, your marker or monument may gather dirt, moss, or lichen or otherwise be marred by the unavoidable forces of nature. We recommend regular cleaning of the stone to keep it looking gorgeous. If the buildup isn't too severe, you can do the cleaning yourself with some basic supplies and a little elbow grease.

If you would like a professional restoration, contact us for an estimate. Our services are charged on a time-and-materials basis.


These methods are recommended only for GRANITE MEMORIALS. Memorials made of marble and limestone should only be cleaned by professionals. Improper procedures can cause irreparable damage to softer stones. Many of the illegible memorials that you see in cemeteries are due to improper cleaning techniques.

  • First, make sure the stone is firmly secured to its base and shows no sign of cracking or falling. If it's unstable in any way, call us so our experts can secure it back in place.


  • Thoroughly soak the granite with distilled water using a bucket, jug, or spray bottle.

  • Starting from the bottom of the stone, gently scrub in circular motions with a natural fiber or nylon brush. Moving upward, scrub away any dirt and grime. Re-soak with water as needed. Do not use a wire brush or abrasive pads, as this can permanently scratch the polished surface.

  • Use wooden craft stick (popsicle stick) to gently scrape away any mold or lichens. Sometimes, a toothbrush is helpful to get in the crevices.

  • Do not use chemical cleaners of any kind, as they may react badly with the stone and cause permanent staining. If plain water isn't working, try adding a small amount of regular dish detergent to make a soapy solution only on granite. (DO NOT use any detergents on marble or limestone). If the stone still isn't clean, please contact Anderson Memorials for a professional restoration.

  • Rinse off the stone with clean water and allow to dry naturally. It is very important to rinse the memorial completely and thoroughly. Some stones may require multiple cleanings to look good as new. Repeat as needed.
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