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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who installs the concrete foundation?
    In most cases, we do. However, some cemeteries install the foundations themselves. We take care of the the necessary permits and make the arrangements for the foundation and the cemetery does the concrete work.
  • What cemeteries do you service?
    We can place a marker in any cemetery within around 100 miles of Rochester or Austin, Minnesota. Call us for any special inquiries.
  • Do I have to pay for my memorial in full when I order?
    We ask that you put 50% down upon ordering. Balance is typically due when you approve the final design. Ask us about financing options. We cannot set a stone without full payment.
  • Shortly after the funeral I was bombarded with phone calls from other monument companies. Do they all display this aggressive approach?
    Thank goodness, no. Anyone who calls on you just a day or two after the funeral does not have your best interest in mind. Be wary of anyone who urges you to make a hasty decision. We at Anderson Memorials believe that only you know when the time is right. In fact we often encourage you to wait a while after the death of a loved one before you select a monument. Unfortunately, in our industry, many companies and their salespeople do not adhere to a the strict code of ethics that we at Anderson’s do. In fact we often receive complaints from families who thought they had bought from us, and when they come in to express dissatisfaction, find out that they had been deceived into thinking that the salesperson calling on them represented our company, when, in fact, they did not. One such company actually uses names that are patterned after ours so that they can play on our good reputation. As an industry leader and professional Certified Memorialist, we adhere to a strong code of ethics and abhor these deceitful and questionable practices which are prevalent among our competitors. Before you buy, make sure that you have compared with an authorized and bonded Anderson Memorials representative. We guarantee your satisfaction.
  • Do I have to come in to make arrangements?
    No. We are more than happy to come to your home if you are unable to come to one of our display locations. Or we would be happy to pick you up and bring you to our office so you can see, first-hand, our large selection. You will probably buy only one monument in your lifetime. This isn't a purchase that should be done remotely. Isn’t it worth a little time and trouble now to be sure you make a fitting and proper selection?
  • How long does it take to make my memorial?
    From start to finish, it usually takes 6 to 9 weeks to design, carve, and set a stone. The type of granite used can affect the timeframe. If the materials have to be special ordered or if the design details require development approvals, it may take longer. In some cases we will be able to complete the work in much less time… depending on delivery schedules and seasonal production variables.
  • Can monuments be cleaned?
    Yes, most monuments can be cleaned to look like new. However, stains such as paint, oil, rust, and some other substances often cannot be completely removed. Fresh flowers leaning against your stone can leave oily blotches. Wire or metal containers leave rust stains, so be careful when placing flowers or wreaths on your grave. Denser granites are less likely to stain or discolor than lesser quality materials.
  • My loved one was a US Veteran. What options are their to memorialize their service?
    First of all, we thank you and your loved one for your sacrifice to our country. We are proud to help create lasting and dignified monuments for our servicepeople and their spouses. US Veterans are eligible to receive one of several types of granite memorials or bronze plaques free of charge to be affixed to their memorials. See our VETERANS MARKERS page or visit for more details. You can choose to have the cast bronze sent to you, the VA office, or straight to us to be set on stone. VA bronze markers are traditionally attached to flat granite markers and installed in the cemetery. If you wish to have a companion marker created to match the official veteran's bronze, we'll be happy to do it! We can craft a bronze marker to exactly match the look and style of the VA bronze, and then mount it on a companions' granite marker. Full Size Marker (24 inches long, 12 inches wide): Small Niche size (8 1/2 inches long, 5 1/2 inches wide): Large Medallion (6 3/8"): Medium Medallion (3 3/4"): Small Medallion (2"):
  • It's just a rock. Why does it cost so much?
    Anderson Memorials carves only high quality granite, which we guarantee to look beautiful forever. Many of the granites we use are quarried right here in Minnesota, but some certain colors can only be found in places like Norway, India, and South Africa. Consequently, it costs a lot to have them cut and shipped from overseas. Even acquiring local stone is an expensive and labor-intensive process, involving skilled workers using specialized heavy machinery. The entire process down to hand-carving your personalized granite requires lots of work by skilled craftsmen.
  • How soon after the burial can a monument be installed?
    In most cases, the monument can be installed as soon as the foundation can be constructed. The portion of the grave which will have the monument installed usually is not disturbed so there is no need to wait for it to settle. In some cases the memorial has to be installed over the burial area. In this situation, special foundation design eliminates potential problems. Usually the grave has ample time to settle prior to our completion of the memorial.
  • How much does a memorial cost?
    Cemetery memorials can vary greatly in cost. There are just so many variables to consider before estimating the price of a memorial. What style of memorial will it be? How large? What cut or color of granite? Will there be any special etchings, bronze elements, or color photos? In which cemetery will it be placed? What sort of foundation does it require? All these and more need to be answered first to make an estimate. That said, we find that most customers who purchase a flat marker will spend around 800-2,000 dollars, and upright monuments for two people typically run for 3,000-7,000 dollars. You may expect to spend that much, but we have specials and overstock sales that may be half the normal price. There are lots of other options too to reduce the cost, especially for flat markers. Many people purchase monuments for much more than the typical cost. It all depends on what you decide is the right memorial for your loved one.
  • We want to put up our monument ahead of time. Does it have to be moved for our burial?
    No, it does not. There is room provided, in most modern cemetery sections, for the monument.
  • Can monuments be placed in cold weather?
    Yes, some styles can, provided the foundation is installed before the frost. It helps if you make arrangements at least 12 weeks before the desired time.
  • Does the monument have to be removed to add a name or date to it?
    No. The work is done at the cemetery plot.
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